About RML

ReviewMyLocation is where people gather to explore the neighbourhoods of Greater London and share their views, opinions and photos of locations of interest. rml is populated by users for users. Use rml to:

  • Browse the map for a view of London's distinct locations and head to the location page for user provided photos and reviews on areas that might interest you.
  • Try the rml locations filtering functionality to search for places that meet specific criteria important to you. Want to research which locations have the best schools? Or where to live for plentiful parks and green spaces? Then head to the locations filtering page and define your own personal requirements. Or simply browse through the top overall locations as rated by users.
  • Explore the rml forum section to learn more about topics important to you, browse current discussions or to raise a question of your own and gather feedback from other members with local knowledge.
  • Build your membership status by sharing your knowledge with other users.
  • Write neighbourhood reviews on where you live and locations you know.
  • Upload photos of locations of interest to provide other users with more of an idea of what these places are really like.
  • Use rml to research your next home move or day out.
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Reporting Inappropriate Behaviour

ReviewMyLocation is a platform where users provide photos, reviews and other information with respect to locations within Greater London for the benefit of other users. Our wish is that users feel free to share their feelings and opinions and, as such, can provide a true picture of the location in question for the maximum benefit of other users.